Medical student by day, professional consignment shopper by night.


Michaels Michael's Consignment
Jan 19, 2015 SHOPPER
Came across this store while on my way to a much cheaper consignment store. The window display was so inviting, I decided to pop in.

If you, like most women, love designer shoes for next to nothing, get to Michael's ASAP.

Two floors, stuffed to the brim with boots, pumps, sandals, and flats. The prices are more than reasonable, and the merchandise is organized and well stocked.

Staff was friendly, and not overbearing or rude.
Joe   exterior Tokyo Joe
Jan 19, 2015 SHOPPER
At first glance, this store looks like a dud, but they have a great variety of pieces, and the prices are very reasonable (I snagged a Jcrew school boy blazer for $13)

It is a very small store. It is long and narrow, and uncomfortable with more than two shoppers.
It's actually impossible to shop with about 5 people in the store.
There is only one dressing room, which slows things down.
The clothing is not organized by size, one of my personal pet peeves.

Great prices.
Great variety of pieces for all seasons
Lots of brand name pieces.
Designer shoes for CHEAP
Cadillac Cadillac's Castle
Jan 19, 2015 SHOPPER
By far my favorite high end consignment store in SoHo.

It had a good balance of designer and brand name. Hermes scarves and Jcrew dresses.

HIGHLIGHTS: the store is clean, well organized, and has lots of mirror space. They have clothes for all seasons ("because of the tourists") They have an "Under $25 Rack" outside the store, which was filled with clothes in perfect condition.

The owner's weren't overbearing and spent most of their time pricing an sizing the new inventory.

I ended up purchasing a Jcrew dress for $20, and a stunning cropped leather moto jacket for $60. I will definitely be returning. They had great variety and prices.
Encore2 Encore Resale
Jan 19, 2015 SHOPPER
Don't let the older reviews scare you off. This shop Is under new management. My experience here was FABULOUS.

The store is two floors. The shoes, which I came for, were located on the second floor. Everything was organized by size and overseen by a wonderful employee, named Madena.

I came in on a bit of a mission. I was on the hunt for Manolo or Loubuitons in a neutral color, low to mid height heel. since I was unsure of my size in premium designer footwear she first helped me determine the best fit. Then she helped me sort through and pick out a pair

I settled on a pair of like new silver Strappy Manolo kitten heels for, get this $135. (Later in the day I saw the exact same pair at a different resale shop priced at $285)

She let me keep them on my feet as I shopped the rest of the floor, so I could be sure they fit just right. Once I was sure, I requested a Manolo box and one of the employees ransacked the supply room to grab me the last one.

The manager wrapped up my shoes with great care. Being sure to stuff enough tissue paper in the shoe to support to straps by the toe.

I spent the entire day consignment shopping at designer resale stores. This was my first stop, and favorite of the day.

When it comes to price on designer shoes you WILL NOT find cheaper like new condition shoes